It begins with....
a spark. A simple firing of a pair of neurons, acting in their normal working fashion. The birth of an idea in this smallest of forms, and as that one spark spreads, its creates more and more sparks and the idea comes into existence. As a short time passes, we realize that there is this idea floating around in our heads and we being to think on it. Some ideas are those 'ah ha!' ideas, and some are simple ideas that don't become much. But, what we must do is act on these ideas, cradle them and bring them into reality. No matter what it is, it was your idea that started from the simplest of things, and what becomes of this simple spark can become some of the most amazing things in the world.

So, no matter what ideas that you come up with and no matter what other people think of these ideas, just remember that every idea, no matter who came up with it, started from the simplest of things... a simple spark.

Ahh work...
So I learned early this morning that due to some budget cuts... I'm getting the short end of the stick.

Nope not losing the job, but not gaining a co-worker for my night shift fun anytime soon.  Although I learned this from the co-workers, I'm told my manager will be calling me soon to tell me this first hand.

Well, so this makes it fun for me, going to be flying solo from here on out with no hope of a co-worker anytime soon.  Now, I got no problem with this, since I've been doing it for a few months now.  But this will make me feel slightly bad when I ask for time off, since they will have to pull someone for another shift to cover me.

Oh, well. It is what it is.....

On a crappy side note, some poor excuse of a human broke into my truck early this week and stole my radio... usb and Bucktown Tiger cd included ><  Meh, things happens guess it was just my turn for once.

Was a great time at the Midwest Furfest.... too bad i didn't get a single picture of anything outside of a pic outside my plane window on the way to the con lol.

Had a great time with everyone, and was fun making all the new friends.

Welp, time to get preped to move and get my hopes up for the next con!

An update, yo.
Welp, looks like I'm going to be an uncle soon, how soon depends on how fast my nephew decides to get born.

But it also seems that me and my sis are still having a feud over what I don't know, because when I called my mom for an update and said I'd head down to visit this weekend, the first question was "Do you still have your long goatee?"  Of course I do! Its ~5inches long now without being breaded... Meh I don't know what to think...

Also, work is moving along, and I'll probably be in st. Louis by the end of October hopefully lol.  This I'm hoping because of MFF and my hopes of going since I have to work the weekends of Thanksgiving and Christmas... I at least want some vacation lol.

Oh well, back to work.....

Well it seems that one place wants to get me out and one place wants to take me in.

Only problem is, there is a move across country that will occur, and a leaving of new found friends.  This was never good for me because I've always lost touch with friends this way.

I don't really know, but I'm going to take the plunge again and see what happens because the alternative would be move suffering at work.

Oh well, it is what it is.

My poor LJ
I should post on you more often....

Nothings perfect...
While staring at my second fursuit head today trying to figure out how ima finish it before next week, I came to a realization...

Nothings Perfect.

Call is poetic license, call it in-experience, call it what you must, but nothing is perfect.

And after realizing this, I think ima just finish this head and how it comes out is how it comes out.

Someone once said, 'its not the quality of the suit, its how the performer acts in the suit.' I think that was something TheSonicGod had said on one of his shows in response to someones question, and you know, its true.

So im just going to stop kicking myself, buckle down and finish this second head. And hell if anything, i still have the first one i can touch up a bit if it doesnt turn out all that hot. But hey, it is what it is.

And on that note... back to work!

work work work and FCN
Work work work... and more work....

Stupid job working me from 12midnight to 8am in the morning gah is it ever killing me on sleep.

But hey, im all set for FCN, got my room to sleep in, plane ticket to get there and time off work.  And better yet... its my birthday on the saturday of the con so double whammy for me ^^.

Now... to just finish up my remake of my fursuit head and ill be all set.

Furry Fiesta 2010
As I tumbled further down the rabbit hole that is the furry fandom, I took a small trip down to Texas to enjoy Furry Fiesta 2010, and was it ever so worth it.

Starting Thursday morning at 8am after getting off work(yay graveyard shift) I managed to make it home in one piece and started to pack up for the adventure. Fursuit, check. Clothes, check. Other random junk, check.  All ready to go, i made the trip to the airport and sat on a plane for 5hours... yay DC to DFW flight.  Arriving at the airport, i met up with SebastianFox and we headed to the hotel.  We managed to snag dinner and some essentials for the weekend, and walked around a little bit and met up with Jack later that night.  After a few drinks and some TV, we all crashed for the night.

Waking up Friday morning, the 3 of us were looking for some breakfast and ran in Tanukisan, Deviant, and MitchKenzo and went to J's Diner, where they had "Big fucking waffles" according to the waitress.  Well since i lost my schdule ill just wing it lol.  After breakfest, our small group wondered around a bit till things started.  Opening Cermonies was the normal thing, with alot of talking and random bad jokes.  I then went to the dealers den and found my badged i had commisioned at the last minute from AnimeCat, and did she do a wonderful job of it.
After some more wondering around, Me, Deviant, and Sebastin went to the DJ panel and chated up a bit and I learned a few itresting things about DJing.  Then it was time to do what i always wanted to do... Fursuit!  So we went up to the room and hopped into suit, minus Deviant, who seemed to volenteer to be our guide.
Running around a bit and killing time before Musical Ballons, i had the most fun in ages in my Fursuit. Yea its not the best of looking, but its my first attempt at one, finished quickly before the con due to procrastination.  Heading back the the room for a quick rest, I dawned my really big Skull shirt that i had gotton at christmas and it worked very well and made my suit look that much better.  Heading back downstairs and joining up in the Musical Ballons action, i managed to come in tied for second, and man did that ever so wear me out.  I did manage to find a youtube video of the fiasico too ^^.


After running around some more in suit, and even playing some Rock Band in suit, I hopped out and found my way back to the video game room to have my arse handed to me in the Rock Band Tourny.  I then found my way to the BuckTownTiger concert and enjoyed it alot.  The night began to wind down again, and i found Deviant again and we ran around a bit looking for stuff to do, pointing and laughing at the dance that wasnt all that great.  And after a bit more of nothing I crashed for the night.

On saturday, i got up and snaged some breakfest again, nothing special that i remember. I then sat in on the Fursuit construction panel and learned a few new tricks for making my next fursuit head. Hopefully the next one turns out better.  Running around a bit more and looking at all the awsome artwork that was offered, I found my way to the Magic draft tourny and had alot of fun with it, although i was a bit worried it would run long and i wouldnt be able to be in the fursuit parade.  Losing quickly, i bolted upstairs to find i had demagged my key, but managed to get a new one in time to suit up for the parade.  OMG there were alot of Furries there, and i had an awsome time bouncing around and doing some tricks in the parade.  I found out that I could still tumble, in fursuit even, and someone had managed to catch my randomness on video =O

After sitting in on another panel on coloring with GIMP, i managed to snag some food, then got ready for the Sub Level 03 concert, and man did those guys rock.  Aparently everyone had to sign a waver to get in because they were filming the concert, and it rocked.  I went in a partial suit with Deviant and almost died from all the bouncing around and fun, but again was worth it.

Later that night, i hooked up with some new people, Demens, Rhean, Taigitsune, and a few others i dont remember, and we had a few drinks and got ran out of the room we were in because we were too loud for the neighbors, but meh, the conversations and company were awsome.  After another late night dinner at J's, I crashed again for the night.

On Sunday, things were kinda meh.  Took my time and bought some excellant artwork, and took part in the fursuit rodeo and had alot of fun acting like a fool playing all the games they had setup for us.  But it all got better as the con started to come to an end.  For dinner i managed to hook up with Rhean, Taigitsune, and some other and we went to TGI Fridays and had an awsome time, exspecially when the waitress seemed a bit weired out by us, but hey, whats furry without scaring people.

Showing off a bit before closing cermonies, some random camera guy wanted to take some pictures of me doing my flips and stuff in suit, so i enterained the idea and put on a little performance for the dinner crowd before we went out and wore myself out.  But while at dinner the suiters decided we were gonna have a last bit of fun that night, and decided to play some Potato head Fursuit.  It was intresting to put on others heads and see what they saw.  I did manage to get alot of advice from the other suiters on improvemnets i need to make to my next head which ill take all into account.  The best news i got though was when i was talking to Ana, and she had said she wasnt really happy with her fursuit heads until about the 6th head... this lifted my spirits about my own fursuit and encouraged me to work harder on my next head.

After the potato head, we ran into some other suiters, and had a bit of fun screwing around, there was this awsome tiger there with a basket ball and we were tossing it around in the hallway just having some fun.  I had gotton a little distraced and went looking around and ran into a game of Werewolf in the Village that was being played, and the infamous Corsi was partaking in the fun.  Having some fun of my own I started to mess with Corsi as the game was going on. The best part was, after a little bit the game master started to play along and had the other villagers open their eyes while i messed with Corsi some more.  My goal was to get that bandanna of his and run off with it.  After some failed attempts,  Corsi opened his eyes and was like "YOU" and i started to run.  We played a little bit of Wolf and Mouse around the other players and i manage to outwit him and snagged his bandanna off his chair and ran... and ran in fursuit i did with Corsi hot on my paws, I jetted through the hotel hearing him catch up, i managed to evade him and got back to the room where they were playing victorious with bandanna in hand, he then found me under a table and tickled my to death, although i had already passed his bandanna off to someone else.  After resting for a bit, i had put on another preformance of my tumbling and then decided to call it a night, tired, wore out, but oh so worth it from all the fun i had.

Monday was the normal travel day, getting up and packing then heading to the airport after saying my goodbye, the 5hour plane flight home and back to the real world.

Over all, this was the best weekend I've had in a long time, but the PCD hit hard on Wednesday morning after my gravyard shift i hit someone at a stoplight on the way home, I was like... sh*t this sucks, why couldnt i be back at the fiesta ><;

But meh, it is what it is, and i hope to see everyone again at another con, My next planning to be FCN, but I will be going to the ever so popular Anthrocon in PA.

Until then,

Dantee out

Well, seeing as its a new year and all. I decided to take the next step and start up one of these fancy LJ thingys.

My name is Dantee and I'm a Grey Wolf that living in Virgiana.  Yep.... I is a furry, and I only just took that step into accepting what ive been for a while just a few months ago.  It was early October and work was pissing me off something fierce, so i told my manager "hey im going on vacation next week" and i drove out to FurFright.

Man, that was one of the best decisions I made all year.  Had one hell of a time and met lots of new people.  Was intresting how everyone was so cool about everything at this con, everyone was just so friendly and so accepting to do anything.  I met up with a group of people in the regrestration line and hung with them the whole weekend.  This is something I wouldnt normally do, usually it takes me quite a bit of time to make friends cause of how I am, but that weekend changed alot of things exspecially how i view myself now.  But nonetheless this had changed me, not sure for what but something happened.

But outside of that stuff, a little about meself:  I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, grew up in Dallas, Texas, and took a job on the east coast out of college.  I enjoy most types of music, but country and certain rap is like nails on blackboard to my ears.  I enjoy hanging with friends and am addiceted to video games of all types, from old school atari to the newest next gen console games comming out, to even your time taking table tops to board games.  Most of the time Im working, but hey we do what needs to be done.

So, all in all, Hi and welcome to what will be my LJ =P


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