It begins with....
a spark. A simple firing of a pair of neurons, acting in their normal working fashion. The birth of an idea in this smallest of forms, and as that one spark spreads, its creates more and more sparks and the idea comes into existence. As a short time passes, we realize that there is this idea floating around in our heads and we being to think on it. Some ideas are those 'ah ha!' ideas, and some are simple ideas that don't become much. But, what we must do is act on these ideas, cradle them and bring them into reality. No matter what it is, it was your idea that started from the simplest of things, and what becomes of this simple spark can become some of the most amazing things in the world.

So, no matter what ideas that you come up with and no matter what other people think of these ideas, just remember that every idea, no matter who came up with it, started from the simplest of things... a simple spark.


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