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Well, seeing as its a new year and all. I decided to take the next step and start up one of these fancy LJ thingys.

My name is Dantee and I'm a Grey Wolf that living in Virgiana.  Yep.... I is a furry, and I only just took that step into accepting what ive been for a while just a few months ago.  It was early October and work was pissing me off something fierce, so i told my manager "hey im going on vacation next week" and i drove out to FurFright.

Man, that was one of the best decisions I made all year.  Had one hell of a time and met lots of new people.  Was intresting how everyone was so cool about everything at this con, everyone was just so friendly and so accepting to do anything.  I met up with a group of people in the regrestration line and hung with them the whole weekend.  This is something I wouldnt normally do, usually it takes me quite a bit of time to make friends cause of how I am, but that weekend changed alot of things exspecially how i view myself now.  But nonetheless this had changed me, not sure for what but something happened.

But outside of that stuff, a little about meself:  I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, grew up in Dallas, Texas, and took a job on the east coast out of college.  I enjoy most types of music, but country and certain rap is like nails on blackboard to my ears.  I enjoy hanging with friends and am addiceted to video games of all types, from old school atari to the newest next gen console games comming out, to even your time taking table tops to board games.  Most of the time Im working, but hey we do what needs to be done.

So, all in all, Hi and welcome to what will be my LJ =P


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